The Solution for healthy Soil

SoilTech is an Environmentally-Friendly, Liquid Compaction Relief Product Unlike Any Other Soil Amendment.

Soil Amendment Technology

SoilTech is a liquid aeration product that increases soil pore space by combining smaller clay soil particles to create larger particles. Increased soil porosity or reducing soil compaction, allows for greater water infiltration and retention, increased oxygen and CO2 exchange – enabling roots to grow deeper and stronger.

  • Compacted Clay Soils
  • Poor or Shallow Root Growth
  • Poor Draining Soils
  • Alkaline or Sodic Soils
  • Poor Mechanical Aeration Results

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Compacted or Alkaline Soils

Compacted soils reduce infiltration and root growth. Alkaline soils cause soil compaction and reduces nutrient availability.

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Lawn Care Industries

Tired of mechanical aeration? No more expensive machines or broken sprinkler heads, just a larger bottom line.

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Sports Turf Industries

Compacted soils causing too many rain-outs? Aeration plugs frustrating your golfers? Find out how those are a thing of the past.

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Agriculture Industry

Poor water quality can cause high alkalinity levels, which leads to poor soil tilth and poor yields. No more harsh acids or slow gypsum.

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Remediation Industry

Dig and haul is expensive and gypsum is slow. Clean-up produced water and salt bine spills in a fraction of the time and cost.

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The Solution: SoilTech

SoilTech is a helping solution to these problems. It’s not snake-oil or voodoo, its all chemistry. Come and learn more.

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About SoilTech

  • SoilTech’s negatively charged polymers dissolve alkaline salts, allowing bicarbonates to move deep into the soil profile and out of root growth areas
  • SoilTech, being a liquid, applications cover and affect the entire treated area. Mechanical aeration, due to its tine diameter and spacing, affects only 3-5% of the treated area
  • SoilTech is a once or twice-a-year solution – unlike many of the so-called “liquid aeration” products on the market that require monthly applications
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