SoilTech vs. The Others

A question came up not too long ago with a customer of one of our lawn care companies using SoilTech.  That customer was reluctant to try SoilTech out because he read on the internet that “Liquid Aeration” doesn’t work and it is a hoax.  So I was asked to speak with this person about this

Turf Density

Question: What effect does SoilTech have on turf cover and density, and turf color and color consistency which may contribute to the overall appearance of lawns? Purpose: This investigation was designed to determine if the application of SoilTech substantially improved the overall appearance of lawns enough to justify the application of the product. Soil scientists

Research Breakdown: ISTRC Testing

The following data is the result of a field test performed in 2005 at Belmar Golf Club in Norman, Oklahoma to determine the effects of SoilTech liquid, organic aeration on heavy red clay found on the golf course. Brett Proctor, Golf Course superintendent at Belmar, had used SoilTech on some heavily compacted gumbo clay soil

Salt /Sodium Release

SoilTech is manufactured by Houston Brothers Inc. (DBA Soil Restoration Technologies), Bixby, OK. The product is a clear liquid consisting of 11 polymers used for improving soil structure by reducing sodium. The study described below was conducted in the laboratory at Advanced Microbial Solutions, Pilot Point, TX. The purpose of the study was to evaluate

Root Growth Turf Density

Introduction: This test was performed to investigate whether the use of  SoilTech improves grass shoot density (thickness of turf,) root depth, and blade color in Bermuda grass in Oklahoma clay soil conditions. Purpose: To compare and determine the effectiveness of  SoilTech and standard chemical fertilizer used together, versus standard chemical fertilizers only, being used on

Soil Moisture Evaporation Rate

Question: Does a standard application of SoilTech reduce the rate of soil water evaporation? Purpose: Water conservation is an important factor when scheduling irrigation for lawns, sports complexes, gardens, and flowerbeds. Actual users of SoilTech consistently report significant reduction in water usage within 60 days of application. Reports range from 33-67% reduction. Materials and Methods:

Soil Compaction Test

Question: Does one standard application of SoilTech reduce soil compaction on a wide scale, enough to justify a large lawn care company (over 20,000 customers) to apply as a standard application each year for every customer? Purpose: This test will help determine if it is feasible for a large lawn lawn care company to apply

Spring Dead Spot Recovery

Question: Does the application of SoilTech on turf afflicted with Spring Dead Spot (SDS) accelerate turf recovery during the growing season? Purpose: To compare and determine the effectiveness of SoilTech on areas afflicted with SDS, versus standard fertilizer practices without SoilTech application. Test Site: All Star Sports Complex is a nationally recognized Boys Baseball Complex.

Garden Yields and Seed Germination

The application of SoilTech should allow garden tillers to break up soil more easily when gardening flowers, plants and vegetables. Plant seed germination increases which makes planting grass seed along with flowers, plants and vegetables more productive. Radishes, carrots, and kidney beans were grown in a greenhouse under controlled conditions. The results recorded in Tables

Healthy Soils… Healthy Environment

Here at Soil Technologies we always like to say “Healthy Soils, Greener Grass” since everything starts, literally, from the ground up.  If your soils have the right ratio of water, air, and soil, proper nutrients, and abundant microbial activity, you can grow anything.  And of course SoilTech soil amendment is certainly a tool that you