About SoilTech Technologies

Turf2Max/SoilTech was originally developed by Bob Richardson in the late 80’s for soil restoration purposes. At the time, Bob was working with poor soil in the mine reclamation business, and finding difficulty in establishing new plant material. Because the soil was essentially ‘dead’, it was not only severely compacted, but it was also unable to hold the proper amount of nutrients. Identifying these problems, Bob used his combined backgrounds in biology and chemistry, along with help from many others, to develop the original product formula.

We first came across SoilTech through our family’s lawn care company, which had used it as a standalone product and as an integral part of our full program. With more than four years and over 23,000 customers worth of experience with the product, we were able to truly see not only its benefits, but its potential as well. After we sold our company, we created Soil Technologies and partnered with Bob to further develop and sell SoilTech and its technology.