SoilTech Application and Mix Rates

Below is information on the application rates and frequency, mix rates, and suggestions.

General Application Rates:

Normal Rate: Apply at 3oz/1,000ft2 or 1 Gallon/Acre once a year.

Severe Compaction: Apply at 3.5oz/1,000ft2 or 1.25gal./acre and make 2 application is approximately 60-90 days.

High Traffic/Use Areas: In these areas such as multi-sports fields, and certain areas of golf courses, apply SoilTech once at the appropriate rate in the spring and again in the late-summer or fall.

After Application: If possible but not necessary, after application a light irrigation will help the product get off of any vegetation and into the soil. Heavy irrigation or rain after application can cause the product to be washed off the soil.

Specific Application Rates:

For Lawn Care Applications:

 Applications / YearRecommendedRate / AcreRecommendedRate / 1,000 ft2
Serious compaction rate1-21.25 Gallons3.7 Ounces
Normal Rate11.0 Gallon2.9 Ounces 

For Golf Courses:

LocationApplications / YearRecommendedRate / AcreRecommendedRate / 1,000 ft2
Tee boxes, green approaches, worn cart path areas21.25 Gallons3.7 oz.
Greens*1-21 Gallon2.9 oz.
Fairways11.25 Gallons3.7 oz.
Practice greens11.25 Gallons3.7 oz.
Poor drainage areas21.25 Gallons3.7 oz.

*Depending on desired firmness

For Sports Fields:

Type of FieldApplications / YearRecommendedRate / AcreRecommendedRate / 1,000 ft2
Football1-21.25 Gallons3.7 oz.
Baseball / Softball11 Gallon2.9 oz.
Soccer1-21.25 Gallons3.7 oz.
Football / SoccerPractice Fields1-21.25 Gallons3.7 oz.

SoilTech Mix Rates

Mix desired amount of SoilTech with at least 50 gallons and up to 200 gallons of water per acre or 1 to 4 gallons per 1,000 ft2. The more water with the solution the more accelerated the efficacy of the product will be.

Facts To Remember

  • SoilTech can be applied by any liquid spray system, from a hand-can to a hoseend sprayer to a fertigation system, without harming any components.
  • The most important part of applying SoilTech is getting the correct amount of product on the correct amount of area to be treated.
  • Though more water will help SoilTech work faster, high amounts of irrigation or rain directly after application can cause the product to wash off before it can get into the soil.
  • If using a low-volume sprayer like a PermaGreen, please note that it is highly recommended that the area treated be watered in, since there might not be enough water to carry the product to the soil.
  • It is not a problem if you cannot get water on the treated area directly after application, since SoilTech will not volatilize under hot conditions. Still try and get a light watering, in form of irrigation or light rain, as soon as you can.

If you have any questions or concerns about application rates, mix rates, or anything else, please do not hesitate to call us.