Working With Poor Soils?

SoilTech can correct many soil issues:

  • New Home Site With No Top Soil
  • Hard and Compacted Soil
  • Poor Draining or Water-Logged Soils
  • Soils With High Salts or Sodium

Are Your Plant Guaranteed?

Use SoilTech when planting new landscape material or sod to combat issues like:

  • Root Girdling
  • Root Rot
  • Slow Establishing Sod Due Compacted Soils 

Want A New Cash Flow?

SoilTech can give a new service to sell or make current one cheaper.

  • Landscape Aeration
  • Complete Lawn Aeration
  • Sod Installation Add-on
  • Possible Replacement for Expensive French Drains

SoilTech Is:

  • Long-Lasting:  Usually just one application per year is necessary due to SoilTech’s hydrophilic/hydrophobic structure
  • Easy to Apply:  Mix with water in a bucket, or a hand can sprayer, or a tank sprayer
  • Economical:  Reasonably priced, helps reduce plant mortality and re-planting, increases customer satisfaction

Apply SoilTech (mixed with water) directly into the hole when planting a tree or shrub. SoilTech will improve air exchange, soil drainage, and reduce the detrimental effects of heavy clay soils, encouraging quicker, deeper root growth.

Improve The Soil Structure in Your Planting Areas

You can still use your organic soil amendments. SoilTech will give them a chance to work better by creating a better root zone environment, and improving air exchange and water filtration.

New Home Sites With Poor Quality Soil

Then workers tramp all over it, and heavy machinery drives on it, leaving the unsuspecting homeowner with soil compaction problems. An application of SoilTech, before or after laying sod, will greatly improve root growth, thus getting the sod established more quickly.

Use SoilTech to Help Correct Drainage Problems

Won’t your customers be thrilled when an application of SoilTech takes care of a problem they thought would require French drains?

Homeowners Don’t Always Water Like They Should

Even when they’ve just paid a lot of money for seeding or landscaping! With an application of SoilTech, landscaping can better withstand drought, even in the heat of the summer. They may even find that they don’t have to water as often!