Soil Technologies is the maker of SoilTech, a liquid soil amendment that helps reduce soil compaction and soil alkalinity.
This blog is here to give information on not only problems and issues with soils but all the industries that SoilTech reaches and of course SoilTech itself.

SoilTech or Ants?

Found a great article today about soils and ants, yes ants. I posted it on our twitter page (@soiltec) with the caption saying “SoilTech taking a cue from the insect world, or is it the other way around..?”.

Increase Root Growth and Density

One of our last blog posts was about a comprehensive test of SoilTech by ISTRC, and one of those tests measured root growth. The test was performed over a short period of time and a reader, Sean, asked about what SoilTech would do over a longer period of time.  So thanks to Sean for bringing

Research Breakdown: ISTRC

So it’s been awhile or a long while since we last posted but that’s about to change.  We are getting back to writing blogs and talking about, of course SoilTech, but also about lawn care and the industry. In the next couple of blogs, we are going to cover the testing we have done on

SoilTech vs. The Others

A question came up not too long ago with a customer of one of our lawn care companies using SoilTech.  That customer was reluctant to try SoilTech out because he read on the internet that “Liquid Aeration” doesn’t work and it is a hoax.  So I was asked to speak with this person about this

Healthy Soils… Healthy Environment

Here at Soil Technologies we always like to say “Healthy Soils, Greener Grass” since everything starts, literally, from the ground up.  If your soils have the right ratio of water, air, and soil, proper nutrients, and abundant microbial activity, you can grow anything.  And of course SoilTech soil amendment is certainly a tool that you

Soil Oxygen… The Forgotten Nutrient

This blog is to discuss an article that was written by Dr. Charles (Chuck) H. Darrah, a brilliant soil scientist and owner of CLC Labs in Westerville, Ohio.  When we were in the lawn care business ourselves, we sent all of our customer’s soil samples to CLC Labs, and many of times confided in Chuck

The Core Aeration Myth

I am transferring all my older blogs over to my new site but still this is a great way of looking at the true worth, or lack there of, of mechanical aeration. The Myth: From the dawn of time, everyone from golf course supers, sports field managers, and lawn care operators has been told that

The Bare Basics of Soil Compaction

What It Is:  Soil compaction is hard, packed soil. Very compacted soil will be bare.  Somewhat compacted soil will have thin vegetation, and grass growing in compacted soil will have weeds in it. Why It Happens: Soil compaction is usually the result of actual pressure, as the name implies, either from something as innocuous as a