Here at Soil Technologies we always like to say “Healthy Soils, Greener Grass” since everything starts, literally, from the ground up.  If your soils have the right ratio of water, air, and soil, proper nutrients, and abundant microbial activity, you can grow anything.  And of course SoilTech soil amendment is certainly a tool that you can use to achieve that.

There is another aspect to what healthy soils bring, a healthy environment.  The link below goes to an article from one of my favorite websites, and one you will see a lot of on our blog posts, Science Daily.  The title is “Key to cleaner environment may be right beneath our feet” and I couldn’t agree more.  The article gives us a reminder that the soil is much more than the medium that we grow plants in but it is a filtration system for much of the water we use.  Up to 60% of the fresh water on the planet is stored in the soil and aquifers, and the reason it is so clean is due to the soil.

So remember healthey soils will not only give you greener grass but also clean water too.

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