One of our last blog posts was about a comprehensive test of SoilTech by ISTRC, and one of those tests measured root growth. The test was performed over a short period of time and a reader, Sean, asked about what SoilTech would do over a longer period of time.  So thanks to Sean for bringing this up and we do have some data on what SoilTech will do to root growth over time.

We will start off with a test the inventor did and you can find that test by clicking here which is a root growth and tensity test.  This test took it’s data over an almost 6 month timeframe.  The results are very impresive but as Sean asked, what about an even longer period of time?  Well, we have a case study that we did on root depth done on a baseball field.

For this test we took multiple soil cores in the area where we would be applying SoilTech and checked to see what the average root depth was (the average was 1.8 inches).  Then we applied SoilTech and waited 11 weeks and found that the average root depth had increased 166% and reached down 4.8 inches.  Then we pulled samples 46 weeks (6 weeks shy of a year) after the applying SoilTech and got amazing results.  The root depth had increased 605% from where it started and reached down an average of 12.7 inches!  Did we have a control, yes we did.  An area that got the same fertilizer and irrigation, just 40 feet away, after 46 weeks had an average root depth of 3 inches.  That test (which is below) pretty conclusively shows that SoilTech opens up the soil and allows the roots to grow much deeper.  

Healthy Roots…Healthy Lawns!