The following data is the result of a field test performed in 2005 at Belmar Golf Club in Norman, Oklahoma to determine the effects of SoilTech liquid, organic aeration on heavy red clay found on the golf course.

Brett Proctor, Golf Course superintendent at Belmar, had used SoilTech on some heavily compacted gumbo clay soil at his previous golf course in 2004. He saw positive results in turf quality and soil compaction. As the new superintendent at Belmar, Brett decided to apply SoilTech to his red clay fairways, since he had seen good results with it previously. In June, 2005, before applying SoilTech, a 2″ diameter core was taken 4″ deep in an area on the #10 fairway. He sent that core sample to the International Sports Turf Research Center in Olathe, KS. ISTRC is an independent and well-respected soil physical properties lab that does work on thousands of golf courses around the world.

90 days after the application of SoilTech (in September, 2005,) another core sample was taken from within 3 feet of the previous sample. That core was also sent to ISTRC so the results could be compared to the sample taken prior to application of SoilTech. Following is a summary of those amazing lab results!

Test Results:  

Bulk DensityNon-Capillary Pores
Untreated1.64 g/ccUntreated4.93%
Treated1.34 g/cc Treated7.42%
Decrease of 18.3%Increase of 50.5%
Infiltration RateRoot Mass
Untreated0.02 inches/hrUntreated1/4″
Treated0.12 inches/hrTreated1/2″
Increase of 500%Increase of 100%
Total Porosity40cm Water Holding Capacity
Increase of 35%Increase of 62.6%
Capillary Pores  Note:  The product tested was Turf2Max; it is the same product as SoilTech.  Turf2Max is a retail product sold in less than 5 gallon quantities.     
Increase of 32.4%

Below is the original data sheet from ISTRC, and remember that Turf2Max is the same product as SoilTech.

The below is a picture of the core sample at the test site before treatment.  Notice the dried out color and the smooth sides suggesting compaction.

This picture is of cores taken 3 months after SoilTech was applied. Notice the change of color in the soil, that change is due to better air and water penetration into the soil.