SoilTech or Ants?

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Found a great article today about soils and ants, yes ants.  I posted it on our twitter page (@soiltec) with the caption saying “SoilTech taking a cue from the insect world, or is it the other way around..?”.  In the article, scientist tested the soil that ants bring up from the ground or in other term, the soil of their ant hill.  The aggregates made by the ants when it takes a bite while digging and then deposits on the surface is some really good soil.  Also, the digging of the ants itself, helps increase soil moisture due to the water being able to penetrate into the soil more easily and further.  Basically what the ants are doing is exactly what SoilTech is doing to your soil, albeit on a larger scale but SoilTech will give these results on a larger area of your yard.  So either bring hundreds-of-thousands of ants to your customers yards to help with their poor soils or provide them SoilTech!